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Offical Patches V1-14 All : Download

now=$(date +"%d-%m-%Y")
#device path that you want to get a image of it
#a folder path which isn't a system drive
filesize=$(stat -c%s "$path/$filename")
foldersize=$(du -hs "$path/$rsyncfolder")

echo "Backing up $device device to $path/$filename file, please wait..."
dd if=$device conv=sync,noerror bs=64K | gzip -c -9 > $path/$filename
echo "Size of $filename = $filesizebytes."
echo "Device Backup Completed."

echo "System Backup Starting to $path/$rsyncfolder"
mkdir -p $path/$rsyncfolder
rsync -aAXv --info=progress2 --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} / $path/$rsyncfolder
echo "System Backup Completed with size... 

DigitalOcean VPS Services

Date : 18/02/2016

Using DigitalOcean Cloud VPS node for a month and i can clearly say they give what they suppose to give as vps specifications.They using "Droplet" word for describing Virtual Private Servers.Using a Debian on 512 MB Memory / 20 GB SSD hard drive with 1TB bandwith as datacenter location at France.As i use the droplet with some services like OpenVPN, TeamSpeak3 server with 30+ clients, i almost didn't get a package loss with UDP connection.So i highly recommend their services for small to mid-range operations.

But as a backup plan i still have Amazon AWS "Amazon Web Services" on my mind.Anyway here is some statistics over OpenVPN connection to Droplet captured with MTR.

is my referral code...

New Case for BananaPi Pro

Date : 09/02/2016

I got a WD 1TB external HDD for a while, drive was dead for a month ago and a new project had begun for WD HDD case.Bananapi and 2.5" HDD mounted on Aluminum plate then fitted in the hard plastic skeleton case, drilled ethernet and usb port exits, mounted a wifi antenna.

Still waiting a heatsink package for soc,dram,pmu units from china.


Hello, all of my services had been offline for almost 4 days, because of a bricked Cubieboard.So i changed my little server board to Banana Pi Pro.I only lost one of my mysql database, so expect some delays on older blog posts.Web service will online on both SSL and non-SSL ports for some time, i'm not gonna force SSL for now.Other than that, i really loved A20 dual-core CPU and of course 1GbE connection so i can push the limits of my 2.5" Hard Disk drive over LAN.So far so good if anyone interested in ARM devices for NAS, Media Server or other services, i really recommend this board.


You can visit the offical site of the product.