Like the title says, BananaPi Pro has some power problems my current 5v 3amp dc psu has gone wild.It doesn't able to feed 0.50amps either so it running on a backup psu, until a new one, by the way ordered a samsung spinpoint 1tb 5200rpm 2.5' hdd probably install it on friday with a new psu, so expect some downtimes till saturday.


Update 28.04.2016

New PSU and a kernel upgrade completed, remains the hdd upgrade on friday.

x=`ping -c1 2>&1 | grep unknown`
if [ ! "$x" = "" ]; then
$ifup wlan0
$hostapd -B /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf
x2=`ping -c1 2>&1 | grep received`
if [ ! "$x2" = "" ]; then
$ifdown wlan0
killall hostapd

I'm using this script on bananapipro to activate ap wlan0 mode when due to electric loss at home or router wlan0 failure.At my setup, i'm using a 650va ups to backup bananapipro but due to docsis3.0 while power loss internet link becomes fail too so my modem and router isn't on the ups line, waste of energy at times like that and only bananapi works on ups line and fires up wlan0 an ap to provide a wireless local network.Using a cron job to...

I absolutely loved it , beside from amv version it's a bit slow but has long and good beats!

config button 'qos_button'
	option button 'wps'
	option action 'pressed'
	option handler 'logger qos ; sed -i 's/2940/25000/' /etc/config/qos_gargoyle ; /etc/init.d/qos_gargoyle restart ;'

config button 'qos2_button'
	option button 'wps'
	option action 'released'
	option handler 'logger qos ; sed -i 's/25000/2940/' /etc/config/qos_gargoyle ; /etc/init.d/qos_gargoyle restart ;'
	option min '3'
	option max '90'

This two line are from "/etc/config/system" file, you can change the "/2940/250000/" values as your two factor bandwidth options.When you press the wps button it will change the qos total download bandwidth value to 25000 and then it will restart qos service.Same thing goes for other but that will need to press and hold the wps button min. 3 seconds to execute that second...

now=$(date +"%d-%m-%Y")

echo "Dumping MySQL Databases to $path/$mysqlfolder"
mkdir -p $path/$mysqlfolder
mysqldump -u $muser -p$mpassword --all-databases | gzip -9 > $path/$mysqlfolder/$mysqlfile
echo "MySQL Database Backup Completed, size of the file is $(stat -c%s "$path/$mysqlfolder/$mysqlfile")"

This will backup your all databases in one dump sql file and compress it.Fill your values about your mysql server account, password and a path to write backup folder and files.You can add a cron job to make this process automatic at given times.Better safe than sorry.