DigitalOcean VPS Services

Date : 18/02/2016

Using DigitalOcean Cloud VPS node for a month and i can clearly say they give what they suppose to give as vps specifications.They using "Droplet" word for describing Virtual Private Servers.Using a Debian on 512 MB Memory / 20 GB SSD hard drive with 1TB bandwith as datacenter location at France.As i use the droplet with some services like OpenVPN, TeamSpeak3 server with 30+ clients, i almost didn't get a package loss with UDP connection.So i highly recommend their services for small to mid-range operations.

But as a backup plan i still have Amazon AWS "Amazon Web Services" on my mind.Anyway here is some statistics over OpenVPN connection to Droplet captured with MTR.

is my referral code link if you are interested in DigitalOcean, i highly recommend to use referral system as trial process.Because they give you a $10, that mean free 2 monthly vps service plan as a new referral customer.It gives a $25 for leading person after a succesfully registration of new account, so it's a win&win situation.

But still hosting this site on BananaPi Pro, of course :)